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Ardmore 50 for 50 Initiative

Join our Ardmore $50K for 50 Years Initiative as we rejuvenate our Ardmore Alumni Association by updating our database and set up an endowment for Ardmore City Schools for curricular and extracurricular activities. We are challenging Ardmore High School/Douglass High School graduating classes from 1964-2014 to raise $1,000/class. We are collecting from all Ardmore Alumni and the money will be disbursed through The Ardmore City Schools Enrichment Foundation.


Through this process, alumni will be able to reconnect with their Alma Mater and share the great history, experiences, and successes of Ardmore City Schools. It is important for our current students and teachers to know and learn about the history of excellence throughout Ardmore City Schools in the various organizations. This will strengthen our community and financial support needed to build and sustain top tier organizations.


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Watch A Video of Community and School Leaders explain why they are supporting the 50 For 50 Initiative.

About The 50 for 50 Initiative. 

  • We want to start an endowment for the ACS Enrichment Foundation that will help to fund curricular and extra curricular activities for generations to come.
  • We are challenging each Graduating Class to raise $1,000.