About The Ardmore City Schools Enrichment Foundation

Who is  Operates The Foundation?

The Enrichment Foundation Board of Trustees consists of fifteen elected trustees, two ex-officio non-voting) members, the Ardmore Superintendent of Schools and one member of the Ardmore Board of Education. Board members are nominated by a nominating committee. Each potential Trustee member is interviewed individually by each current Trustee. The Trustees serve a three year term. No elected Trustee can serve more than three consecutive terms, after which such individual shall not be eligible for reelection for a period of two years.  Nominations for Trustees shall be submitted by a Nominating Committee appointed by the Chairman of the Foundation.


New Trustees are elected at the annual meeting. The Foundation operates under a set of by-laws.


Every four or five years, the Foundation reviews and/or revises their by-laws. In 2000, the Foundation conducted a retreat for goal setting. The Enrichment Foundation Board of Trustees sees their role as a responsibility, not an honor. Every member is expected to support the foundation financially.










The Enrichment Foundation has an outstanding relationship with our staff”

What Does The Foundation Do? 

The Enrichment Foundation has given Ardmore City Schools over $500,000 in grants since its inception in 1986. They encourage our teaching staff to apply for grants which will impact the greatest number of students over a long period of time, especially in the core subject areas. Grants received have been used for special innovative teaching aids and specialized teacher training. A core committee of very educationally-minded people get together to determine who receives grants. Another outstanding accomplishment is funding department chairs at our high school for all of our core subjects plus the fine arts and business areas. The Foundation’s committee has set specific guidelines for all grants. As the committee reviews each grant, they are very cognizant of each site, attempting to provide each with equal dollar amounts in grants pre-school through 12th grade. The Enrichment Foundation has always placed a very strong emphasis on reading and retention of highly qualified teachers.

How Are Donations Gathered? 

The Enrichment Foundation has a faithful following and supportive donors. It is the fund-raising committee’s responsibility to plan and solicit contributions in support of the Foundation’s purposes.


Are You a Registered Non-Profit with 501(c)(3) status?

The Enrichment Foundation operates as a non-profit educational and/or charitable corporation under the law of the State of Oklahoma and is designated as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS. The Enrichment Foundation operates under their by-laws. The Board of Trustees prepares an annual budget which is submitted to the Board at their annual meeting for approval.


How Does This Foundation Support ACS Faculty and Staff?

The Enrichment Foundation has an outstanding relationship with ACS faculty and staff. They enjoy participating in grant awards through The Prize Patrol, composed of foundation board members.


The Prize Patrol awards grants to teachers during their teaching time. This gives the students the opportunity to congratulate and praise their teacher. The ACS Enrichment Foundation Board cares about Ardmore City Schools and uses their resources to support strong academic, art, and athletic curriculum and programs. They look forward to assisting Ardmore City Schools curricular and extracurricular programs in any way they can.


The Prize Patrol awards grants to teachers during their teaching time. This gives the students the opportunity to congratulate and praise their teacher. In the new Department Chair Program at the high school, the department chairperson works with staff members in their subject area. The Foundation is very involved with this process with one of their members occasionally attending meetings.


The Foundation board continually sends a very strong message that they care about Ardmore City Schools supporting a strong academic curriculum. They look forward to assisting our classroom teachers in any way they can.